Penicillin G potassium salt >=1550 U/mg

>=1550 U/mg, CELLPURE®
ß-Lactam antibiotic. For cell culture and biochemistry.
Benzylpenicillin potassium salt
[Safety Data Sheet]
Abbreviations, Symbols, [General Safety Information]
M 372,48 g/mol
mp ~215 °C
store at +4 °C
EG-No. 204-038-0
CAS-No. [113-98-4]
Danger H334-H317
Endotoxins: <=0.25 E.U./mg
Inhibits cell wall biosynthesis in gram-positive bacteria by irreversible interaction with transpeptidase.
Application equivalent to Penicillin G sodium salt.
Preferable when addition of sodium is to be avoided.
Stock solution: 10-100 mg/ml in H2O
Storage of stock solution: -20 °C
Working concentration: 20-100 µg/ml

Type analysis:
Endotoxins <=0,25 I.U./mg
Activity >=1550 U/mg
Assay 96,0-101,0 %
pH-value 5,5-7,5
Specific rotation [a] +270° to +300°
Loss on drying <=1,0 %

Item nr Beschrijving Specs Verpakking Prijs (excl. BTW)  
HP49.1 Penicillin G potassium salt ?1550 U/mg 1 Gr € 20,35
HP49.2 Penicillin G potassium salt ?1550 U/mg 10 Gr € 38,60
HP49.3 Penicillin G potassium salt ?1550 U/mg 25 Gr € 76,25

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