Geneticin disulphate (G418)-solution

Geneticin disulphate (G418)-solution
50 mg/ml, CELLPURE®
Aminoglycoside antibiotic. For cell culture, biochemistry and molecular biology.
Aqueous G418 sulphate solution
C20H40N4O10 · 2 H2SO4
M 692,70 g/mol
store at +4 °C
CAS-No. [108321-42-2]
Danger H360
Inhibits protein biosynthesis by binding to ribosomes, particularly to eukaryotic 80S ribosomes. Through interference with the tRNA docking process, sequence errors appear and the elongating peptide chain is truncated. Geneticin disulphate unspecifically effects all cells, and is highly toxic for eukaryotic cells. Resistance is mediated by the bacterial enzyme aminoglycoside-3-phosphotransferase.
Application: Selection of transfected eukaryotic cells
Resistance gene: Neomycin
Endotoxins: <10 E.U./ml
Stock solution, specifically suitable for cell culturing
Working concentration: 50-1000 µg/ml, has to be determined for each cell type.

Type analysis:
Concentration 50 mg/ml
Activity (powder) >600 U/mg
Endotoxine (LAL-test) <10 E.U./ml
Suitability for cell cultur complies
pH-value 5,0-6,0

Geneticin disulphate (G418)-solution
Item nr Beschrijving Specs Verpakking Prijs (excl. BTW)  
CP11.2 Geneticin disulphate (G418)-solution 20 Milliliter € 93,45
CP11.3 Geneticin disulphate (G418)-solution 100 Milliliter € 332,20

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