Bacitracin >=60 IU/mg, Ph. Eur.

Peptide antibiotic and protease inhibitor. For cell culture and biochemistry.
M 1422,72 g/mol
mp 221-225 °C
store at +4 °C
EG-No. 2157862
CAS-No. [1405-87-4]
Inhibits cell wall biosynthesis in gram-positive bacteria and Neisseria by interaction with murein biosynthesis.
Also used as protease-inhibitor for inhibition of the gluthatione-insuline-transhydrogenase or some endopeptidases.
Stock solution: 100-1000 mg/ml in H2O or ethanolStorage of stock solution at -20 °C
Working concentration: 0.1-1 mg/ml (0.07-0.7 mM)
Bacitracin is very stable in a pH range of 4-5, but is rapidly inactivated in pH of over 5 at room temperature.
Do not use at a pH of over 8.

Guarantee analysis:
Appearance almost white powder
Assay >=60 IU/mg
Appearance of solution complies
pH-value 6,0-7,0
Loss on drying <=5,0 %
Sulphated ash <=1,0 %

Bacitracin >=60 IU/mg, Ph. Eur.
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5655.1 Bacitracin 5 Gr € 54,75
5655.2 Bacitracin 25 Gr € 224,70

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