GELRITE®, gelling agent for microbiological culture media

Alternative to Agar
store at +20 °C
EG-No. 275-117-5
CAS-No. [71010-52-1]
GELRITE® is a highly-purified, natural heteropolysaccharide which forms
stable, agar-like gels when exposed to soluble salts. Compared to agar
however, only about half the amount is required.
GELRITE® has been specially developed as a gelling agent for
microbiological culture media. It can however, replace agar in other
applications, too.
Polymerisation of GELRITE® is enhanced in the presence of (bivalent)
kations. It is therefore supplemented by MgCl2 if a solid gel structure is
required. Elevated salt concentrations increase gelling temperature
(e.g. 500 mM Na+ to approx. 68 °C with 1 % GELRITE®). When using very
high salt concentrations like e.g. seawater, gelling capacity may be
significantly reduced.
Chemical composition:
Linear polysaccharide comprising of O-acetylate glycuronic acid, glucose
and rhamnose units.
Advantages of GELRITE® compared to Agar:•consistent product quality
•almost 100 % batch-to-batch conformity
•forms remarkably clear gels
•reduces preparation time as gels form faster
•remains stable even at high temperatures and is therefore also ideal for thermophilic microorganisms; gels can withstand repeated autoclaving without any changes to gel strength
•indicates no toxic contaminations
(e.g. through phenols, as found in agar)
•is chemically inert against most media additives
•is resistant to enzymatic degradation
•is non-toxic (no signs of toxicity in rats exposed to a dose
of 5.000 mg/kg)
•is very economical to use

Type analysis:
Gel strength 550-850 g/cm2
Loss on drying <=15,0 %

GELRITE®, gelling agent for microbiological culture media
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0039.1 GELRITE 500 Gr € 267,70
0039.2 GELRITE 1 Kilo € 428,95

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