LuciPac® Pen

LuciPac® Pen
Kikkoman for hygiene control
For testing for the contamination of surfaces by ATP/AMP measurement using Lumitester PD20 and PD30.
LuciPac<sup>®</sup> Pen
+4 °C
For reliable monitoring of dry and wet surfaces in the manufacturing sector, in the foodstuffs and animal feed sector, in patients- and health care, in gastronomy and trade, in training and in many other areas.
Quick and easy sampling
Easy and quick measurement within seconds
Sensitive and reproducible measurement
Using the LuciPac® Pen sampling pen, surfaces can be tested easily and quickly for contamination by bacteria, fungi and food residue. Organic contamination is indicated by the presence of ATP or AMP on these surfaces. An enzyme/substrate complex in the LuciPac® Pen sampling tube reacts with ATP and AMP to produce bioluminescence whose intensity correlates directly with the amount of ATP/AMP present. The Lumitester PD20 or PD30 then determines the bioluminescence as a direct measure of original contamination.
The unit is easy to operate, even by non-professionals. Just moisten the swab and swipe it across the surface. Then put the swab back into the tube and push it down into the reaction chamber. Shake the tube until the reagents are released and measure the bioluminescence in the Lumitester PD20 or PD30.

LuciPac® Pen
Item nr Beschrijving Specs Verpakking Prijs (excl. BTW)  
NC59.1 LuciPac® Pen 20 Stuk € 99,90
NC59.2 LuciPac® Pen 100 Stuk € 427,35

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