Allergen Lateral Flow IIR Kit: Egg (Ovalbumin), Casein

High sensitivity, Fast and Easy
Especially, superior to test for processed food.
Intended Use
Unprocessed and especially highy processed Foods:
Lateral Flow IIR determines quickly whether or not target proteins reside in foods, including unprocessed foodstuffs and processed products.
The novel extraction solution provided with the kit enhances the extraction recovery yield of target proteins from test samples, even from extensively processed foods, leading to more reliable results than ever. For the best results, please follow the instructions exactly.
Swabbing test
Lateral Flow IIR is also applicable to swab tests for the contamination on surfaces of food-processing equipments.
Sample preparation time: 30 minutes
Chromatographic run time: 15 minutes
Detection limit for Food: 5 ppm (µg protein /g food)
Detection limit for swabbing test:250ng/mL in Sample Extract
Detection limit is shown by each protein concentration as follows,
Egg : whole egg protein, Casein : whole milk protein,
Gluten : whole wheat protein, Peanut : whole peanut Protein
High lights
Innovative extraction method
Using an innovative extraction solution, the recovery of allergen protein is significantly increased.
Special antibodies
Our antibodies can detect the target allergen protein even after the exposure to extreme processing condition. Accordingly, the kits can apply for the examination of highly processed foods, as well as swab samples collected in various point of food processing.
made by Morinaga Institute of Biological Science, Inc.

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1500001 Allergen Lateral Flow IIR Kit: Egg (Ovalbumin) 20 Pc € 300,00
1500002 Allergen Lateral Flow IIR Kit: Casein 20 Pc € 300,00

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