mounting medium, for histology
Compatible with Roti®-Histol (Art. No. 6640).
D 0,945
ADR 3 II / WGK 2
UN-No. 1866
Danger H225-H304-H361d-H373-H315-H336
Synthetic, quick-drying mountant for producing durable sections.
•Results in permanent specimens with neutral pH
•Protects against bleaching
•Not suitable for aqueous samples!

Type analysis:
Appearance clear, liquid
Identity complies
Refractive index n 1,4940-1,4960

Item nr Beschrijving Specs UN-nr Verpakking Prijs (excl. BTW)  
6638.1 Roti«-Histokitt 1866 100 Milliliter € 14,32
6638.2 Roti«-Histokitt 1866 500 Milliliter € 39,77

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