Mediumbereider MEDIJET 500

MEDIJET 500– The fastest Mediapreparator in the world

The newly developed, revolutionary MEDIJET 500 with the latest Direct Energy Transfer Technology (DET) can handle liquid media within shortest time - which means, the process does not take longer than a cup of coffee or tea.
The thermal energy required for sterilization is delivered directly to the medium. Microwaves are the energy source, which makes the heating occurs instantly and uniformly throughout the volume of the liquid.
In comparison with the traditional steam autoclave, sterilization takes 5 times less time, while the exposure to high temperatures is very short (60-90 seconds). This minimizes the decomposition of microbiological medium.
The MEDIJET 500 is always at your disposal – 24/7. You no longer haveto wait to sterilize the needed media. The operation of the MEDIJET is intuitive, does not require additional training. All you need is a standard electrical socket.Just plug it in and start to work. As simple as that.
Due to the compact design and small dimensions, the MEDIJET can be used everywhere.
All functions are operated from the touchscreen; the touchscreen displays also progress of the sterilization process.
Liquid media such as microbiological media, buffer solutions, carbohydrate solutionsor water can be sterilized in standard laboratory vessels of 100 to 500 ml capacity and temperature resistant up to 135°C (glass or plastic – PMP, PP, PTFE, FEP).
Each sterilization operation is automatically stored on a memory card. As the data is stored in a format compatible with GLP it can be copied to any PC and read using the inclusive Data Viewer software.
Technical Data:
Sterilization temperature: 135°C
Heating time: 1,5-4,5 Min.
Cooling time: 4-12 Min.
Temperature after process completion: 95°C
Process duration: 7-15 Min.
Working pressure:       3,6 bar
Weight: 15 kg
Electromagnetic waves frequency: 2450 MHz

Mediumbereider MEDIJET 500
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