Autoclaves verticales FVG 58 - 83 - 158 liters

The FVG series combines excellent performances with overall high quality materials, simplicity of use and optimum consumption.
The FVG series sterilizers are suitable for the sterilization and decontamination in many different laboratory sectors as:

  • Private and public microbiology laboratories;
  • High schools and universities;
  • Research institutes, life science and biotech lab´s;
  • Agriculture, environmental and veterinary lab´s;
  • Quality control lab’s in pharma, food/beverage, chemistry/cosmetics and other industrial sectors
  • Material testing laboratories
    All FVG series autoclaves can treat a wide range of laboratory goods with reliable sterilization technology as: glassware and plastic articles, unwrapped instruments, machine parts and components, porous goods, culture media and liquids in open small size containers, laboratory regular waste in open bags.
    Design and Technical Features
  • Chamber useful volume: 58 liters (FVG1) - 83 liters (FVG2) - 158 liters (FVG3);
  • Compact size and ergonomic design;
  • Sterilization chamber and lid made of high corrosion resistant 316 L stainless steel, mirror polished finishing;
  • Operating at high-pressure and temperature (3,5 Bar A, 140 °C);
  • Pressure vessels (chamber + steam generator) PED certified;
  • Exclusive horizontal swiveling lid with pneumatic gasket 'rotate-and-seal';
  • Built-in 316 stainless steel electric steam generator with automatic water feed pump;
  • Heat recovering system for water preheating to steam generator;
  • Dual sensor system, by pressure and temperature, for double regulation and control of sterilization process;
  • TSC 09 microprocessor control system with graphic color LCD display.
    Advantages and Key Benefits
  • Ergonomically designed chamber for maximizing loadable capacity;
  • Quick connections to all utilities for easy handling and installation;
  • Timed free steaming with pulses for effective air removal;
  • 14 free configurable automatic programs;
  • Multilevel passwords protected key-users access to ensure process safety;
  • set of four castors for easy moving and installation in lab room;
  • After-sale services, maintenance, start-up, IQ/OQ/PQ.
    Option Kits and Accessories
  • Air ballast kit by powered internal air compressor;
  • Condensate drain cooler;
  • Sterilizing air filter;
  • Exhausted condensate recovery tank;
  • Pre-vacuum pump;
  • External feed water tank to steam generator;
  • Pre- and post-vacuum drying pump;
  • Built-in process printer (GLP compliance);
  • Electric lifting for heavy loads;
  • Validation port adaptor kit;
  • Remote connection to a PC via RS232 interface for data archiving and autoclave supervision;
  • Warm-up and warm-keeping programmable phases;
  • Automatic cycle repetition;
  • Non standard electrical supply and single phase version;
  • Detailed documentation with IQ/OQ validation procedures;
  • TSC Link: software for remote data archiving.
    For any further information/details, please contact us!
Autoclaves verticales FVG 58 - 83 - 158 liters
No d’article Description Specs Emballage Prix (hors TVA)  
FVG1 Autoclave FVG1 58 L 1 pc Prix sur demande
FVS/35 Autoclave FVS 35 L 1 pc Prix sur demande
FVG2 Autoclave FVG2 83 L 1 pc Prix sur demande
FVG3 Autoclave FVG3 158 L 1 pc Prix sur demande

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